Maybelline – Fit Me Foundation

Hi guys!

I have terrible skin. It’s a fact. Blackheads, occasional acne, redness, huge pores, it’s oily. Ugh, the list goes on and on.

Which leads me to buy a lot of different foundations. I have tons, from drug store to high end brands. But I’m always on the hunt for more.

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Bite Beauty -The Amuse Bouche

As you guys will soon learn, I am OBSESSED with lipsticks. Like, I have more lipsticks than a single person could use in an entire lifetime.

And yet, I continue to buy more.

Hey, at least I know that I have a problem 😉

Anyway, today I’m bringing you guys a review of my favorite brand, Bite Beauty!

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2015 Beauty Round-Up

2015 is winding down, folks! Christmas is in just two weeks and 2016 is just a week after that.

Here at PennyLane, we decided to share with you our top 5 favorite products from this past year.

Without further ado, the PennyLane Top 5:

  1. Universal Stick – Our 3-in-1 spot concealer, lip liner, and eye liner is the one item that comes with us EVERYWHERE! It’s a no brainer for everyone’s make-up bag.
  2. Lip and Cheek Cream Stain – Available in 15 colors, the Cream Stain works on both lips and cheeks and doesn’t move once it’s applied. It can be used lightly for a gentle flush, or applied heavily for a night out.
  3. Triple Matte Lipstick – Matte lipsticks are usually really drying, but ours is formulated with three different kinds of oils, making it hydrating as well as completely matte.
  4. Go Go Glow Highlighter – Highlighting and contouring were a big trend this year. Our highlighter is good for any skin tone and gives a super romantic glow to any look.
  5. Stand in the (Eye)Shadow – Vibrant, sparkly, matte, and smooth, our eyeshadows are everything you need to create understated day looks and out there night looks! They last for HOURS too!

If you spot something on our list that strikes your fancy, all of our favorites can be purchased on the PennyLane website. Tweet at us or tag us in your Instagrams of your top beauty products of 2015!

See you all in 2016! 🙂

It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call

Hello out there? Anyone awake?

Happy Monday everyone, and Happy Day After Daylight Savings!

That extra hour of sleep probably felt really good, huh? Unless you’re like us and forgot to set your alarm!

Oversleeping is the worst and the fact that it only gives you less time to make sure you look your best.

Here are our best tips for looking wide awake, even though you only had ten minutes to get ready:

  1. First things first, drink a HUGE glass of water as soon as you wake up. It’s give your system a boost and get your skin hydrated so it doesn’t look dull.

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  1. Grab one of our Universal Sticks (an all-in-one concealer, lip liner, and eyeliner) in a nude shade and give your lower water line a few swipes. It’ll brighten your eyes and trick people into thinking you’ve had more sleep.
  2. Blush, blush, blush! A nice rosy cheek will keep you from looking like the corpse bride. Try our “Watermelon Margarita” cream blush for an easy to build color.
  3. Grab your favorite highlighter and dust a little bit on your cheekbones, under your brow bone, and on the bridge of your nose (all places the light naturally hits your face). You’ll look like you’re glowing from the inside!


5. And as a last ditch effort, get the biggest cup of Starbucks you can find and fake it ’till you make it

Daylight Savings is a wonderful day of the year – who doesn’t like more sleep? – and these tips and tricks will serve you well any day of the year!

Tweet us with some of your favorite tips to look wide awake!

Beauty Interview with PennyLane’s Founder, Elizabeth Adams

(Disclaimer: PennyLane is a fictional company and Elizabeth Adams does not exist. This is a blog used for educational purposes. None of this interview is real.)

What was the inspiration behind PennyLane?

Honestly, a lot of it was my sister and I messing around as kids. We loved to mix up our mom’s lotions and create a new scent. And playing with her lipsticks was out favorite thing to do. We weren’t very good at it (laughs), but it was fun. I majored in business in college and my sister become a chemical engineer. I wasn’t happy in my job, so we decided to work together and create this company.

How about the name? What does that mean?

Well, my middle name is Penny, and I’ve always been a big fan of Kate Hudson and her career. So, PennyLane just felt right.

Are you involved with the creation of your products?

Not really. My sister handles all of the actual production, like mixing everything together. I’m just the figurehead (laughs). But seriously, I oversee all of the departments. My favorite place to be, though, is naming all of the products!

That was going to be my next question! How do you come up with all those fun names? My favorite is “Widow, Black Widow” (A black lipstick with red glitter running through it, designed for the Halloween season). 

(Grinning widely) I LOVE that one! Honestly, it’s just so much fun. I draw a lot from pop culture and from my own life. For example, the blush “Grandma’s Scarf” comes from this amazing red scarf that my grandmother had. It was just so perfect. I wanted to create a product with that exact color, and since she loved blush, I figured that would be fitting.

Speaking of family, what is the best beauty tip you’ve ever gotten?

My mom is a HUGE believer in sunscreen. As kids, she would slather my sister and I in so much that we’d have a white film over our bodies. My grandmother was so glamorous. She wouldn’t go out to the supermarket without her red lipstick. So, she always told me that I should look my best, even if I don’t think I’ll see anyone.

You always see someone when you least expect it! Personally, I love the PennyLane lipsticks. Which product is your favorite?

All of them! I’m a lipstick girl, so I’m a big fan of those. But I also really love our Universal Stick. It’s basically a multi-purpose tool that comes in a bunch of nude shades. It can be used as a spot-concealer, lip liner, and waterline eyeliner. It’s so awesome.

Last question, can you tell us what’s coming next for PennyLane?

We’re definitely expanding. I’m hoping to be able to talk about something major that’s happening, but the deal isn’t finished yet. We’re also developing a highlighter and a range of foundations. It’s a busy time in the PennyLane world!

Check out the PennyLane website for some amazing products at a great price. And look back soon for that highlighter Elizabeth was telling us about!

PennyLane's founder, Elizabeth Adams, shares her favorite blush (
PennyLane’s founder, Elizabeth Adams, shares her favorite blush (“Grandma’s Scarf”) and lipstick (“Red Brick Road”) from her company’s line.

Top 5 Fall Beauty Trends

We’re all sad to see summer go, but there is one thing to look forward to in the coming days…Fall!

Fall is an exciting time. It’s so nice to be able to go outside and look at all the changing colors of the leaves wearing  cozy sweaters, boots, and the newest fall beauty trends.

Here at Penny Lane, we’re thrilled to show you some of the new looks that will be everywhere this coming season.

  1. Dark Lips: It’s time to put away all those bright lipsticks from the summer. This fall, it’s all about the dark reds, purples, and browns. You can easily get the look by swiping on a few coats of our Cream Lipstick in Blackberry. For a less intense look, put on one coat and blot with a tissue.
  2. Bronze Shadow: Bronze eyeshadow looks good with any skin tone and any eye color. Despite its shine, bronze can easily be worn during the day with a matte brown shadow as a base. The best part of bronze eyeshadow? It perfectly compliments dark lips.
  3. Flushed Cheeks: Get a windswept look without ever having to go out into the cold. The blush look that is popping up everywhere is light and natural. It also pairs perfectly with the other fall trends, such as the defined brows.
  4. Striking Liner: It’s time to branch out with your eyeliner. This fall, take the time to master a perfect cat eye, or go even further and give yourself eyeliner inspired by Cleopatra. Whatever you do, don’t let it be boring.
  5. Defined Brows: Cara Delevingne is all over the beauty world with her famous brows. This fall, it’s time for you to try out her look. Gone are skinny, barely there eyebrows, instead it’s all about bold, defined brows. Get the look by filling in sparse areas with a pencil and then setting with a powder.
Photo credit: Paulina Zaferiou
Photo credit: Paulina Zaferiou
Photo Credit: Paulina Zaferiou
Photo Credit: Paulina Zaferiou

For more on Fall 2015 trends, check out

If you master any of these fall looks, snap a selfie and share it with us! We can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure to hashtag #PennyLaneFallLooks and we’ll retweet our favorites!