Bite Beauty -The Amuse Bouche

As you guys will soon learn, I am OBSESSED with lipsticks. Like, I have more lipsticks than a single person could use in an entire lifetime.

And yet, I continue to buy more.

Hey, at least I know that I have a problem 😉

Anyway, today I’m bringing you guys a review of my favorite brand, Bite Beauty!

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Hey guys! So, this blog used to be am educational tool for my PR class (public relations, not Puerto Rico, lol) but now it’s going to be my personal blog! Exciting, huh?

I have zero experience running a blog, but I’m super excited to try and I hope you guys will join me for the ride 🙂

I’m a fan of my casual, conversational blog posts, so that’s what you guys will get. Come and chat with me in the comments, I’m excited to meet you all!

Over the next few days, I’m gonna revamp the pages and stuff, I’ll link to my social medias and you guys can follow if you want.