Beauty Interview with PennyLane’s Founder, Elizabeth Adams

(Disclaimer: PennyLane is a fictional company and Elizabeth Adams does not exist. This is a blog used for educational purposes. None of this interview is real.)

What was the inspiration behind PennyLane?

Honestly, a lot of it was my sister and I messing around as kids. We loved to mix up our mom’s lotions and create a new scent. And playing with her lipsticks was out favorite thing to do. We weren’t very good at it (laughs), but it was fun. I majored in business in college and my sister become a chemical engineer. I wasn’t happy in my job, so we decided to work together and create this company.

How about the name? What does that mean?

Well, my middle name is Penny, and I’ve always been a big fan of Kate Hudson and her career. So, PennyLane just felt right.

Are you involved with the creation of your products?

Not really. My sister handles all of the actual production, like mixing everything together. I’m just the figurehead (laughs). But seriously, I oversee all of the departments. My favorite place to be, though, is naming all of the products!

That was going to be my next question! How do you come up with all those fun names? My favorite is “Widow, Black Widow” (A black lipstick with red glitter running through it, designed for the Halloween season). 

(Grinning widely) I LOVE that one! Honestly, it’s just so much fun. I draw a lot from pop culture and from my own life. For example, the blush “Grandma’s Scarf” comes from this amazing red scarf that my grandmother had. It was just so perfect. I wanted to create a product with that exact color, and since she loved blush, I figured that would be fitting.

Speaking of family, what is the best beauty tip you’ve ever gotten?

My mom is a HUGE believer in sunscreen. As kids, she would slather my sister and I in so much that we’d have a white film over our bodies. My grandmother was so glamorous. She wouldn’t go out to the supermarket without her red lipstick. So, she always told me that I should look my best, even if I don’t think I’ll see anyone.

You always see someone when you least expect it! Personally, I love the PennyLane lipsticks. Which product is your favorite?

All of them! I’m a lipstick girl, so I’m a big fan of those. But I also really love our Universal Stick. It’s basically a multi-purpose tool that comes in a bunch of nude shades. It can be used as a spot-concealer, lip liner, and waterline eyeliner. It’s so awesome.

Last question, can you tell us what’s coming next for PennyLane?

We’re definitely expanding. I’m hoping to be able to talk about something major that’s happening, but the deal isn’t finished yet. We’re also developing a highlighter and a range of foundations. It’s a busy time in the PennyLane world!

Check out the PennyLane website for some amazing products at a great price. And look back soon for that highlighter Elizabeth was telling us about!

PennyLane's founder, Elizabeth Adams, shares her favorite blush (
PennyLane’s founder, Elizabeth Adams, shares her favorite blush (“Grandma’s Scarf”) and lipstick (“Red Brick Road”) from her company’s line.

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