Top 5 Fall Beauty Trends

We’re all sad to see summer go, but there is one thing to look forward to in the coming days…Fall!

Fall is an exciting time. It’s so nice to be able to go outside and look at all the changing colors of the leaves wearing  cozy sweaters, boots, and the newest fall beauty trends.

Here at Penny Lane, we’re thrilled to show you some of the new looks that will be everywhere this coming season.

  1. Dark Lips: It’s time to put away all those bright lipsticks from the summer. This fall, it’s all about the dark reds, purples, and browns. You can easily get the look by swiping on a few coats of our Cream Lipstick in Blackberry. For a less intense look, put on one coat and blot with a tissue.
  2. Bronze Shadow: Bronze eyeshadow looks good with any skin tone and any eye color. Despite its shine, bronze can easily be worn during the day with a matte brown shadow as a base. The best part of bronze eyeshadow? It perfectly compliments dark lips.
  3. Flushed Cheeks: Get a windswept look without ever having to go out into the cold. The blush look that is popping up everywhere is light and natural. It also pairs perfectly with the other fall trends, such as the defined brows.
  4. Striking Liner: It’s time to branch out with your eyeliner. This fall, take the time to master a perfect cat eye, or go even further and give yourself eyeliner inspired by Cleopatra. Whatever you do, don’t let it be boring.
  5. Defined Brows: Cara Delevingne is all over the beauty world with her famous brows. This fall, it’s time for you to try out her look. Gone are skinny, barely there eyebrows, instead it’s all about bold, defined brows. Get the look by filling in sparse areas with a pencil and then setting with a powder.
Photo credit: Paulina Zaferiou
Photo credit: Paulina Zaferiou
Photo Credit: Paulina Zaferiou
Photo Credit: Paulina Zaferiou

For more on Fall 2015 trends, check out

If you master any of these fall looks, snap a selfie and share it with us! We can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure to hashtag #PennyLaneFallLooks and we’ll retweet our favorites!


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